Accessibility and Disability

The following guidance and information about the park’s services and facilities has been created to help disabled visitors plan their visit to Nigloland.


Disabled visitors are entitled to a reduced ticket price and dedicated access to rides when providing documentation:

- Visitors with a disability card of a rating of 80% or more or a CMI (Mobility Inclusion) Card, are eligible for a reduced rate ticket price of €38.00.
- Visitors with a disability card showing that they require assistance are eligible for a reduced ticket price of €38.00 and free entry for the accompanying adult.
- Visitors holding a priority card or a CMI (Mobility inclusion) priority card, are eligible for dedicated access to rides.

To allow easier access to rides, you’ll receive an Accessibility Pass at the entrance of the park when you supply the relevant documentation. (See above).


Disabled parking spaces are available near the entrance of the park. These can be used by visitors with a CMI (Mobility Inclusion) card showing they require disabled parking or a European Parking Card. Visitors must make themselves known to our teams when they arrive at the car park.


Each ride has dedicated and signed disabled access.
If there are no signs, please ask for information from one of our operators.
You may be asked by our operators to wait a few minutes or several laps or circuits before boarding.

To be permitted to board an attraction, visitors must be physically and mentally capable of being properly positioned in the ride vehicle and able to maintain the appropriate position throughout, while taking into account that some rides can be physically demanding and vigorous.

The Accessibility Pass (valid for the disabled person and 3 accompanying persons) gives the following access:
- Unlimited access to 27 rides: Train, Eden Palais, Chevauchée Fantastique, Galion Pirate, Niglo Show, Caravelles de Jacques Cartier, Tacots 1900, Manoir Hanté, Montgolfières, Rivière des Fées, P'tit Poucet, Route 66, Bumper's Car, Juke Box, Hérissons de la Forêt Magique, Ronde des Canards, Dinosaures Aventure, King of Mississippi, Ferme d'Antonin, Grande Roue, Apple Flight, Donjon de l'Extrême, Hollywood Boulevard, Route de l'Essence, Carrousel, Africa Cruise.
- 12 attractions limited to 2 rides per day: Alpina Blitz, Krampus Expédition, Zabeilles, Noisette Express, Descente en Schlitt', Train de la Mine, Air Meeting, Rivière Canadienne, Grizzli, Dragons Volants, Circuit de Nigloland, Tour des Petits Fantômes.
Attractions with restricted access for some disabled visitors: Dragons Volants, Rivière Canadienne, Rivière des Fées, Galion Pirate.
Spatiale Experience is not accessible for disabled visitors.

For the safety of all our visitors, access to attractions for visitors of certain sizes is subject to the secure closure of the restraint system.


The park has partnered with local company Handivisible to assist disabled visitors with a priority or disability card in its restaurants, ticket office and Hôtel des Pirates. Via a dedicated free app, users can signal their arrival at the entrance of any Nigloland restaurant to be quickly assisted by our teams.

How does it work?
- Download the app Handivisible before your visit, available on Play Store & App Store.
- Sign up online.
- When you arrive at the park, activate Location and Bluetooth to use the app.


The accompanying person must be of legal age and fully assume their role, physically supporting and assisting the disabled person.
If the disabled visitor does not want to ride the attraction, the rest of the group must join the general queue.

The disabled visitor must be able to sit down and hold on safely during the ride.
The accompanying person must be able to help evacuate, guide and reassure the disabled visitor.


For the convenience and independence of disabled visitors, Nigloland has a wheelchair rental service located at the park entrance with no booking necessary: €10 per day.