Unique water coaster in France

Discover a mythical creature

This year, Nigloland is bringing a forgotten legend of the Alps back to life with Krampus Expedition.

Explore the world of the high-mountain, wild rivers with canyons and incredible waterfalls on the journey towards this ride’s final destination: the cave that sheltered this mysterious beast. Explorers will have to show bravery when they come face to face with the primitive & wild Krampus monster.

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Immerse yourself in this water coaster’s thrilling adventure

This brand new, unique water coaster in France will launch you into a fantastic adventure.

Climb on board, hurtle down the mountain slopes & plunge into the caves after a vertiginous drop.

This heart-racing adventure ends with a super splash into the sensational, giant waterfalls.

Accessible from 1.10 meter.
Krampus Expedition, a large-scale ride

The biggest attraction of Nigloland :
Height: 28m
Area occupied by the attraction: 9000 m2
Duration: 4 minutes
Length of course: 600 metres
Maximum acceleration: 3.5G
Capacity: 8 passengers per boat
Capacity per hour: 850 people
Constructor: Mack Rides