The park and its commitments

Respect for the surrounding countryside

Located in the heart of the protected Orient Forest, Nigloland is helping to preserve its outstanding natural environment. The park’s 40 hectares are home to 100-year old trees and a protected natural river. Nigloland is committed to preserving the environment with a team of 10 people working daily on the ecological management of green spaces, in particular by minimising the use of pesticides.

Nigloland is the only French theme park to offer such an outstanding natural setting.


An authentic experience

Nigloland is also preserving history by taking concrete action: dismantling and re-erecting historic buildings from neighbouring villages inside the park.

Nigloland focuses on the notion of Slow Tourism, by offering its customers more time to enjoy their feelings and experiences. We offer reasonable waiting times for all our attractions and allow visitors to bring their own picnics; we also have an area for motorhomes on our site.

Local roots

Nigloland is committed to working with local producers to reduce the length of the food supply chain. The park buys regional produce and its restaurants’ menus include local delicacies such as Andouillette de Troyes and sauerkraut.

Nigloland primarily works with local companies, as is specifically the case for construction work within the park.